Welcome to the website of Machaon International - an independent non-commercial conservation organization from Slovakia.

Our mission is to support protected areas in their role as guardians of nature and traditional culture and places of inspiration and admiration for people. We achieve our mission through:

  • Development and support of multi-stakeholders' nature conservation projects that provide significant added value to local economies;
  • Development and management of projects focused on the conservation of cultural heritage in national parks and open-air museums;
  • Promotion of protected areas across national borders.

Since 2007 we are helping...

Since 2007, we are helping European and Russian organisations to prepare nature conservation and culture preservation projects. Ten projects have been supported by different donors (mainly by the European Commission) and have been or are being successfully implemented in co-operation with our main partners:

Kenozero national park    Foundation of Maintenance of Wooden Architecture Monuments in Russia    Valšské múzeum v přírodě v Rožnově pod Radhoštěm    NP Slovenský raj    Obec Gánovce    Obec Vernár    НП Угра    National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture and Culture

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