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Machaon International provides the following services:


We assist various organizations, in particular protected areas, NGOs and small and medium-sized enterprises, to find necessary funding sources and donors for projects aimed at biodiversity conservation and cultural heritage preservation. We have accomplished successful fundraising in the following projects:

  • Disappearing masterpieces /Russia, various locations/ supported by the European Commission
  • KenArt – European cultural bridge /Russia, Archangelsk region/ supported by the European Commission
  • Enhancing biodiversity and ecotourism in Siberia /Russia/ supported by PECE/DEFRA (UK)
  • Catalyzing local socio-economic development using the natural and cultural potential of the region /Russia, Mary El Republic/ supported by the European Commission
  • Enhancing biodiversity conservation through effective use of the World Natural Heritage status /Russia, Komi Republic/ supported by MATRA grant (Netherlands)

Project management and consulting

Machaon International also provides a wide range of project management and consulting services. Having accumulated substantial experience from the planning stage to project completion in a number of successful international projects, Machaon can assist in your own projects through bringing necessary leadership, practical knowledge, energy and innovation. The results are successful projects completed on time and within approved budgets. 

Machaon provided project management and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Pro-biodiversity business development
  • Sustainable livelihoods programmes in or around protected areas
  • Promotion of protected areas across national borders
  • Reconnecting nature and culture

Our partners and clients:

  • Kenozero national Park, Russia
  • Fund of Support of Wooden Heritage, Russia
  • Cooperative Farm Spisska Teplica, Slovak republic
  • National park “Slovensky Raj”, Slovak Republic
  • Wallahian open-Air Museum from Roznov pod Radgoshtem, Czech Republic
  • The National Institute of Folk Culture, Czech Republic
  • Ecocentre “Zapovedniks”, Russia
  • Natural Heritage Protection Fund, Russia
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