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Get involved with Machaon International

There are various ways how you can get involved with us.

Project co-operation

If you represent a protected area, cultural institution, NGO or company interested to join forces in the area of biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and cultural heritage revival, you can contact us about we can help you to prepare your own project in the area of our expertise and support you in your fund-raising efforts as well as in project implementation and international partners searching.

Membership and paid work

If you would like to join our team of associates, you can become a supporting member. We have supporting members in a number of countries, including Slovakia, Russia, India and Germany. Occasionally, Machaon International may advertise job vacancies and volunteer opportunities. We welcome unsolicited applications for contract work with Machaon International. In general, if you think that you could somehow contribute to our work, you have interest and commitment to work in nature conservation sector, you are for instance an experienced webmaster or webpage designer or you speak foreign languages (English is an advantage), and are ready and flexible to work within the network of our dynamic international organization, then send us your CV and cover letter explaining why you think we should hire you.

Donations and sponsorship

Machaon International as any other non-governmental organization needs to find sufficient funding so that we can continue to fulfil our mission and carry out our conservation projects. If you are interested to make a donation or sponsor a particular project, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a resident of Slovak republic, you can donate 2% of your personal income tax.

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