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About Machaon

Machaon International is an independent non-commercial conservation organization from Slovakia, established in 2007. What initially began as an endeavour of a Slovak environmental scientist charged with enthusiasm to help in Russia became a professional activity and firm mission to support various national parks and protected areas in Europe (including Russia) in their role as guardians of nature and traditional culture and places of inspiration and admiration for Europeans. Over the years, the organization gathered a lot of experience, created partnerships and developed special skills in biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage preservation, effective fund-raising, project management and facilitation of cross-border co-operation.

Mission statement

The mission of Machaon International is conservation of biodiversity by promoting protected areas, supporting sustainable development practices, disseminating relevant information, raising public awareness and enhancing international cooperation in all these areas.  

Main activities

Nowadays, the team at Machaon International participates in a number of projects in various parts of Russia and Europe. The main areas of expertise of Machaon International are:

  • Development and support of multi-stakeholders’ nature conservation projects that provide significant added value to local economies;
  • Development and management of projects focused the conservation of cultural heritage in national parks and museums-zapovedniks;
  • Promotion of protected areas across national borders.


Machaon International is a voluntary association of its members. Membership is based on the will of a prospective member to actively participate in Machaon's activities. It has to be requested in writing. The statute of the association is available on request. Here you can download a membership application form.

Why we are called Machaon?

Machaon is not only a brave warrior and skilful surgeon from the Greek mythology; it is also the Latin (French, Russian) name of an eye-catching colourful butterfly species - Yellow Swallowtail. On the one hand, this delicate and small creature symbolizes the fragility of world’s wildlife and its survival, but on the other hand, as an ancient Chinese proverb reads - one flap of the wings of a butterfly can affect the events in other parts of the world. Machaon International shall epitomize the flapping of butterfly wings that we wish to make real difference in nature conservation worldwide. | © Machaon International, 2011 | site map | www stránky Dolghi