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About Machaon / Machaons’ team

Jozef Bednar, DPhil (Oxon), MSc, MA, BSc (Slovakia)

Jozef is educated in environmental sciences and international economics at Comenius University, Bratislava in Slovakia and in environmental geography at University of Oxford in the UK. After two years of work in the corporate sector (Ernst & Young, Volkswagen), Jozef has moved to nature conservation. He has been actively engaged in the work of various environmental NGOs and protected areas in Slovakia, Germany, UK and Russia. Since autumn 2006, he has worked as in fundraising and project management in Russia. Jozef is a keen traveller and nature photographer. Jozef is the founding member of Machaon International acting as its president.

Svetlana Belova, MA (Russia)

Svetlana has over 12 years of working experience on biodiversity conservation issues throughout Russia and Central Asia. Educated in economics (State University of Togliatti), Svetlana started her environmental career in the NGO EcoCentre Zapovedniks in Moscow in 1998. She worked in various managerial roles in a number of nature conservation projects. She is also a member of the scientific board of Ugra National Park in Central Russia. In 2005, she received an award from the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation ‘For merits in nature conservation’. She is an experienced fund-raiser and as the founding member of Machaon International acts as its executive director. | © Machaon International, 2011 | site map | www stránky Dolghi