Reconnecting nature und culture Pro-biodiversity business development Promoting protected areas Promoting protected areas Promoting protected areas Restoration of mountain meadows

Machaons’ projects

No.Name of Project / countryRole in the projectFinancing Agency(s)Year
12 Wooden architecture in cultural landscape: new challenges in modern world/ Russia, Ukraine Project development, coordination European Commission 2014-2016
11 Golden Altai - wealth for local development/ Kazakhstan Project development and management European Commission 2014-2016
10 Areas of inspiration / Slovakia Organisation of art-symposiums in rural areas Local authorities and communities 2013 - 2016
9 Restoration of mountain meadows in Vernár and usage of their biomass /Slovakia Project development and management UNDP 2012-2014
8 Cultural landscapes - traditions for development/ Russia, Belarus Assistance in project development, establishment of international cooperation, organisation of study-tour European Commission 2011-2014
7 Disappearing masterpieces /Russia Project development, coordination, establishment of international cooperation European Commission 2010-2012
6 KenArt – European cultural bridge / Russia Project development, assistance in project management and establishment of international cooperation European Commission 2009-2010
5 Enhancing biodiversity and ecotourism in Russia Project development, creation of web-site PECE/DEFRA 2007-2008
4 Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region Consulting on Sustainable livelihoods and pro-biodiversity business development in or around protected areas UNDP/GEF 2007-2008
3 “Catalyzing local socio-economic development using the natural and cultural potential of the region”/ Russia, Mary El Project development and management European Commission 2007-2009
2 Developing Pro-Biodiversity Business in the Steppe Zones of the Eurasia region Consulting on SME development EBRD 2008
1 Enhancing biodiversity conservation through effective use of the World Natural Heritage status /Russia, Komi Project development MATRA / Netherlands 2007

Main areas of expertise:

  • Pro-biodiversity business development
  • Promoting Protected areas
  • Reconnecting nature and culture

Our partners for project implementation

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